Phinests is a tech platform that connects creatives & agencies with clients in the Middle East, headquartered in Kuwait. As the sole designer on the team, I produced bilingual visual content (English & Arabic) for campaigns, new service launches, client profile interviews, product marketing, and general business needs. Outputs include social media posts, illustrations, animations, icons and UI design for web & mobile. Wearing multiple hats, I also worked on many campaigns doing art direction, photography, videography, and editing. 

Key results: IG following doubled to 11k, a significant rise in vendor & client engagement on the mobile app across GCC countries through campaign videos & targeted ad content, and the launch of new services (modeling, styling and art direction) to local and regional markets.

Made on Phinests Campaign

Branding + Video teaser to showcase projects created on Phinests. With a visual nod to baseball teams’ branding and a stamp, the logo evokes a sense of team spirit, achievement and camaraderie.  
The teaser shows footage provided by clients, stock footage, and my own BTS videography of client interviews and them working on-site.
As a result, featured creators receive increased exposure and new  opportunities, along with their clients’ businesses.

Service Launch: Styling

Each service lives as a brand under the Phinests umbrella. With this, I designed a hanger icon in Phinests’ iconic blue. We launched with a teaser video, I filmed & edited vendor features and created promotional posts for social media.
We wanted to showcase our vendors’ fun, creative personalities and give a sense of what styling services entail. I edited a mix of interviews along with BTS footage, giving clients a sneak peek into what their future projects could look like. 
Video posts include information like the benefits of hiring a stylist, how clients can engage vendors on the app, project features, and more

Service Launch: Modeling

The icon is a heeled shoe in Phinests’ iconic blue. We launched by featuring 5 models in video teasers, interviews and project previews. I art directed and collaboratively filmed, photographed and edited the campaign.
We featured our vendors in simple, brightly lit studio settings to reflect Phinests’ clean, timeless visual language. The initial posts are monochromatic; evoking a sense of style and sophistication. Following content include portfolio features and How-To-Hire videos.
As the result of a successful launch, many more models signed up as vendors. As we launched each fashion-related service, we pivoted to marketing the opportunity of building an entire vendor team for fashion projects, fully accessible through the app. 

How-To Videos

Our call-to-action was simple and consistent in every post: Get high-quality projects done with ease through the Phinests app. Browse our list of creatives, request a quote or place an RFP, connect with creatives, make your payments, and send/receive files with ease.
However, we found that users were often overwhelmed by the number of steps in the process. Moreover, we had to cater to two client groups: vendors and end customers.
To aid this, I created multiple walkthrough animations and videos to market specific services and associated features of the app. 

Social Media Posts

Static and animated posts advertising various creative services and features of Phinests’ web and mobile app platforms (selected few shown below). 
Each month was planned with the goal of promoting specific services, highlighting creators, attracting new vendors and clients, and encouraging new client projects.
Keeping in mind how diverse the population is in the region, we shared content in both English and Arabic.

Phinests, Kuwait
Creative Direction + Content:
Sara AlRabiah | Art Direction + Design: Vaishnavi Kumar