Bridges, an EP by Nush Lewis

'Bridges' is a concept-driven EP by notable musician Nush Lewis. Written about self-discovery, the EP holds 5 songs written and performed by Nush. I created six unique A1-sized papercuts (24" x 33"). All pieces are cut completely freehand and intuitively, based on the narrative of each of 5 songs, while the sixth piece combines motifs from those pieces for the EP Cover – now Nush’s official logo. This project received recognition in an article by Rolling Stone Magazine, India.

Bridges EP Launch:

The original pieces were exhibited at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai, along with coloured prints on acrylic which were shadow-projected on stage during the performance.
Photography: Deeksha Jagga

Original Papercuts:

Cut completely freehand and intuitively while listening to each song. 24”x33”

Creative Direction: Nush Lewis | Art Direction + Papercuts + Design: Vaishnavi Kumar